Some selected papers below and for a full list of publications from Prof. Haavard Rue see here.


  • A principled distance-based prior for the shape of the Weibull model, Van Niekerk, Bakka and Rue, 2021. (R - Code)






The data-sets are found here and the R-code is found here , for the first two examples. For examples three and four, the datasets is in the 'gstat' package and this case-study.

  1. ZIP-bundle with the R-code and the dataset

  2. Browse the R-code and dataset online

  3. Journal: Advances in Statistical Analysis

  4. PS: In earlier versions of this code, the inla() call sometimes crashed when attempting to reorder the precision matrix. In the current version of the code, this is prevented by the option :

control.inla = list(reordering = "metis")

in the inla()-call. The issue appears in the sparse-matrix library.


  1. Here are examples from ``Breslow and Clayton (1993)'' re-analyzed using INLA in ``Fong, Rue and Wakefield (2009)" ( with ``Supplementary material").

  2. Examples in Breslow and Clayton (1993)

a. Section 6.1: Overdispersion, R code

b. Section 6.2 Longitudinal data, R code

c. Section 6.3 Smoothing of Birth Cohort Effects in a an Age-Cohort Model, R code

d. Section 6.4 A Mixed model for the Log-Odds Ratio, Data,