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Free workshop: R-INLA for latent Gaussian models, Lund April 14-15

posted 20 Mar 2016, 09:24 by Havard Rue   [ updated 20 Mar 2016, 09:25 ]

A Practical Introduction to Bayesian inference using R-INLA
14-15 April, Lund, Sweden. This FREE 2-days workshop aims to give an introduction to the R package INLA, which provides a simple way to perform Bayesian inference for latent Gaussian models (LGMs). LGMs are among the most commonly used classes of models in statistical applications: including most generalized linear mixed models, generalised additive models, smoothing spline models, linear, semiparametric regression, log-Gaussian Cox processes and more. The concept of LGMs is extremely useful when doing inference as we can treat the different types of models in an efficient, unified way and use the same algorithms and software tool. Applications include longitudinal data analysis, time series analysis, spatial and, spatio-temporal geostatistical models, and much more. Two major benefits over traditional Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms are that precise estimates are available in seconds or minutes and that only simple code is required by the user. The "formula" framework of R is used to handle a wide variety of models in a familiar and streamlined way which only requires small changes in the code to add or remove random effects, temporal effects, spatial effects and so on. Further, the generality and the efficiency of the package make it possible to compare a much wider variety of models than would usually be possible. To sign up (25 participants): webpage: Hope to see you there Johan Lindström

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