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Changes in the build and web-hosting of R-INLA

posted 21 May 2017, 03:07 by Havard Rue
We are migrating away from and have created a new domain
to host the prebuildt packages;

which will also keep old packages.  There are still some links pointing to but we will fix that later this year.

We have changed the versioning system into


each with two digits.The version INLA_17.05.21  is the version from 21st May 2017, and
you can find the tag 'Version_17.05.21' in the code repository. This should be
more intuitive than the old system. We'll update the stable package in the near future.

The Linux binaries are now built with CentOS-7  and we use R-3.4 for Linux/Mac/Win.

If you experience any issues due to these changes, please let us know.