How to download and install the R-INLA package

We have created a standard R-repository, so that 'install.packages' and 'update.packages' will work as expected. You need to add the address to the INLA-repository, as

> install.packages("INLA", repos=c(getOption("repos"), INLA=""), dep=TRUE)

for the stable version, OR

> install.packages("INLA", repos=c(getOption("repos"), INLA=""), dep=TRUE)

for the testing version. Do simular using 'update.packages()'.

You can also just append the INLA-repos to the  global 'repos' variable, like

> options(repos = c(getOption("repos"), INLA=""))

and then you can do

> update.packages("INLA", dep=TRUE)

etc, to install and update the package, without specifying the repos. 

Small prints: