Bayesian computing with INLA !

This site provides documentation to the R-INLA package which solves a large class of statistical models using the INLA approach.

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  • Missing links There may be some missing links when the web server was moved from to, but it translates rather easily, likehttps://www.math.ntnu ...
    Posted 10 Jun 2019, 13:04 by Havard Rue
  • Workshop in Glasgow There will be a workshop on spatiotemporal modelling using R-INLA from July 3 to July 5 at the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health, and Comparative Medicine (IBAHCM) at the ...
    Posted 21 May 2019, 09:42 by Elias Krainski
  • A change in the Weibull-likelihood (from version 19.05.17) From (testing) version 19.05.17 there is a change in the internal representation of one of the hyperparameters in the Weibull family likelihoods. The alpha parameter needed internal scaling ...
    Posted 17 May 2019, 12:27 by Havard Rue
  • INLA Course in Brazil Elias will give a 2,5 days course on space-time modelling with INLA in Sorocaba-SP. It will be in May 30 afternoon to morning of June 1, at ...
    Posted 10 May 2019, 07:33 by Elias Krainski
  • Lectures on 'Disease risk modeling and visualization using R' Two very nice lectures on Disease risk modeling and visualization using R, byPaula Moraga (Lancaster Univ), from the useR! conference last year: lecture1 and lecture2.
    Posted 17 Mar 2019, 07:27 by Havard Rue
  • Version_19.02.14 There was a build error for the MacOSX binary for this version, which make the package include the binary for the previous version for MacOSX. This is now fixed. If ...
    Posted 16 Feb 2019, 23:51 by Havard Rue
  • Advanced mesh creation features and other topics Some months ago I started a blog series to discuss various topics related to meshes, SPDEs, INLA, and general modelling. So far, I've published a post on creating meshes ...
    Posted 3 Feb 2019, 07:20 by Finn Lindgren
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