Bayesian computing with INLA !

This site provides documentation to the R-INLA package which solves a large class of statistical models using the INLA approach.

Here is a short introduction describing the class of models which can be solved using R-INLA.
All models implemented in R-INLA are described in details, moreover a  large series of worked out examples are provided and we hope that this will help the user to gain familiarity with the library. Recent changes in the code can be viewed here.

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  • New tutorials on spatial models in INLA I has written several code tutorials on a separate website, see here or here. The web-page is very much a work in progress, but people find it very helpful ...
    Posted 11 Apr 2018, 00:44 by Havard Rue
  • Shiny application for the analysis of spatial and spatio-temporal count data: SSTCDapp This is cool; hiding the complex interface to R-INLA through an easy web interface....HFrom``SSTCDapp is an interactive ...
    Posted 25 Feb 2018, 04:43 by Andrea Riebler
  • R-INLA review (part II) The first review was about the main ideas and the approximations itself. This time its a review about the spatial models, see the new  arxiv'ed report. H
    Posted 20 Feb 2018, 10:28 by Havard Rue
  • New Shiny-app for creating and learning about meshes! Finn.L added a new Shiny-app for creating and learning about meshes in the most recent testing-version: Version_18.02.13see ?meshbuilderH
    Posted 13 Feb 2018, 01:37 by Havard Rue
  • National Center for Health Statistics & U.S Country teen birth rate I was informed by Dr. Diba Khan  that I am happy to inform you that the county teen birth rates data visualization gallery has gone live with the estimates obtained ...
    Posted 7 Feb 2018, 09:54 by Havard Rue
  • Another `gentle' blog-post... Another ``gentle'' blog-post worth reading, this time from Martin Modrak.PS: We encourage strongly to compare posteriors (or statistics) of log(precision)'s instead of doing the comparison on ...
    Posted 7 Feb 2018, 02:35 by Havard Rue
  • METIS library version 5 The testing version from 26th Jan 2018 is finally linked with the METIS library version 5. Those who compile the binaries manually, need to replace METIS version 4 with version ...
    Posted 26 Jan 2018, 07:15 by Havard Rue
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