Bayesian computing with INLA !

This site provides documentation to the R-INLA package which solves a large class of statistical models using the INLA approach.

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  • Alternative Linux builds The R-INLA package comes with Linux binaries built on Ubuntu1604. There are some alternative Linux builds available at can install ...
    Posted 24 Jul 2018, 09:42 by Havard Rue
  • Spatial modelling with R-INLA workshop: 18-20 Sept @Uni-Sheffield More information available here.***********************DESCRIPTIONAre you interested in learning state-of-the-art methods in spatial modelling?We are running a 3-day workshop on applications of R-INLA ...
    Posted 23 Jul 2018, 07:55 by Havard Rue
  • R version 3.5 We have moved to R-3.5. There is a testing/stable version of INLA Version_18.07.11  that is built with 3.4, and essentially the same testing ...
    Posted 12 Jul 2018, 04:27 by Havard Rue
  • Upcoming INLA-related tutorials at useR! and RaukR Paula Moraga from Lancaster Medical school, will give two INLA related tutorials at the upcoming useR! meeting in Brisbane and the RaukR summer school in Visby, Sweden. The link to ...
    Posted 11 Jun 2018, 01:22 by Havard Rue
  • New web address for shiny application SSTCDapp The shiny application SSTCDapp developed by the spatial statistics group at the Public University of Navarre moved to a new location has been designed ...
    Posted 27 May 2018, 13:37 by Andrea Riebler
  • How besag/bym and those models should be defined... The besag/bym model has been around for quite some time, and is extensively used.  When applied to disconnected graphs, the current practice has varied, as the original formulation by ...
    Posted 23 May 2018, 12:17 by Havard Rue
  • Upcoming INLA course in Zurich in October We are giving a course! See
    Posted 21 May 2018, 23:56 by Haakon Bakka
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